MRD Soft understands the many challenges facing the energy and utilities industry. Infrastructures that are decades old are being replaced with new "smart" technologies. Clients are dealing with an aging workforce, new security requirements, and compliance measures. On top of all that is the ever-increasing demand for energy and pressures to provide cleaner energy. These market forces are placing greater demands on operations and the supporting information technology. MRD Soft's expertise in Oracle's E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and Fusion Middleware technology is helping clients address these challenges.

ERP Applications

MRD Soft provides application services for Energy and Utility organizations as they evolve or go through mergers and acquisition and try to scale their Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Supply Chain systems. Clients pursuing business transformation through the implementation and/or upgrade of Oracle's PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite applications benefit from MRD Soft's deep application expertise. These organizations are also able gain operational efficiencies and service level improvements through MRD Soft's application hosting and managed services solutions.

Fusion Middleware Solutions

MRD Soft is also focused on delivering solutions around Smart Grid initiatives. Having been through several Smart Grid implementations we have firsthand knowledge of how Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is key to supporting the additional applications and infrastructure required. We have also been involved with the implementations for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Meter Data Management (MDM), and Customer Information Systems (CIS). By utilizing Oracle's SOA Suite, OBIEE Analytics, and WebCenter these new technologies can be integrated together in a flexible and scalable manner.

MRD Soft will leverage our success and knowledge that we have gained over the years from our energy and utilities clients. We have experience in developing business cases that will strengthen your return on investment through business process improvements and standards-based integration solutions. MRD Soft is able to provide architectural, industry and technical guidance to help with utilities and energy client's modernization efforts to support key SmartGrid initiatives. MRD Soft efforts include the following business processes:

  • Billing

    • Assist in the migration off legacy systems onto Oracle's Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) system
    • Incorporate and extend Oracle's Direct Integration with Oracle Meter Data Management (MDM) and Oracle's BI Utility Pak
    • Integration of external, internal, and trusted domains via SOA Suite (BPEL, OSB, and BAM) to systems such as Oracle Financials and ESRI GIS
    • All integrations and use cases we develop are based on CIM, GridWise, and NIST
  • Meter Data Management

    • Introduce Meter Data Management integrations with Oracle and non-Oracle stack
    • Incorporate, extend, and complement Oracle's SmartGrid gateway to incorporate Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) based integrations and different type of meter technologies (MV-90, virtual meters, electro-mechanical meters, and AMR)
    • Integrations also include SOA suite (BPEL, OSB and BAM)
    • All integrations and use cases are based on CIM, GridWise, and NIST
  • AMI

    • Introduce AMI technologies while leveraging Oracle technologies such as SmartGrid Gateway
    • Incorporate SOA Suite (BPEL, OSB, and CEP) for integration efforts
    • Integrations include Elster Head End, Oracle MDM, CC&B, Telvent OMS, and ARC SCADA to name a few
    • All integrations and use cases are based on CIM, GridWise, and NIST
  • CIM

    • Incorporate CIM use cases, semantic, and cardinality as a basis for integration, data dictionary, logical and physical model
    • Incorporate Application Integration Architecture (AIA)-based concepts and implementations