With the growing complexity of modern enterprise applications, and the necessity of integrating those applications with other core enterprise components, many organizations find that setting up an applications environment unassisted challenges even the most seasoned system administrator. To meet this challenge, MRD Soft provides Oracle Fusion Applications Provisioning.

Oracle Fusion Applications is a deployment of application product offerings built on Oracle Fusion Middleware technology stack components and connected to Oracle Database. A successful installation draws on a combination of the application and the middleware components, the database, as well as the installers, scripts, and utilities required to set up and configure them.

Oracle Fusion Applications Provisioning orchestrates the installation, configuration, and deployment of Oracle Fusion Applications product offerings. Its framework of installers, build files, and other utilities accesses configuration details from your customized provisioning plan and performs these actions:

  • Installation: Lays down all the components needed to create an Oracle Fusion Applications environment.
  • Configuration: Tailors components based on the applications topology, creates Managed Server instances and cluster members, and updates endpoints and virtual hosts.
  • Deployment: Starts the Managed Servers and clusters and facilitates the actual use of product offerings.